Why Prophesy?

When we prophesy we are helping to edify, encourage, and exhort another person to be closer to God. So many people are hungry to hear God speak directly into their situation. Prophecy does not disagree with God's word but compliments it.  Many times people have prayed and are waiting on God to confirm that He has heard their prayers. A right on word can change someone's life. Many people downplay and even despise prophecy but the lack of prophecy is one of the main reason that we don't see people living for God today. God is not in the past. He is a God of the past, present and future. He lives in all three places. God cares about your situation and often will choose a person to speak to you directly. The person that speaks God's word is not any more special then another. They are only functioning in the gift God gave them just as a Pastor fulfills their function in the church. The bible says that there is life and death in the tongue. Prophecy speaks creative miracles into our life. When we don't prophesy we are not proclaiming the things God wants to accomplish in our life. Joel 2 and Acts 2 say that even our sons and daughters shall prophesy and that old men will dream dreams.  Prophecy is a big part of God's last day work.