Prophecy is not a spooky or mystical event. It is simply God speaking through a man or woman to another person.  The Lord desires to speak directly to His people so that there can be edification, encouragement and exhortation.

Contrary to what many Christians believe, biblical prophecy is not primarily about foretelling (predicting the future) but more about forthtelling (speaking directly to God's people about their situation).  Instead, prophets in the Old Testament were mainly speaking and writing directly to people of their own time in their own world so that they would remain faithful to God's commandments and/or to repent and turn back to God if they had strayed. Many times it was the prophet who went to the political rulers and kings of the lands to deliver God's message. These prophets were not only the mouth piece of God but they also walked in the power of God to perform signs, wonders, and healings. 

These prophets were often alone, persecuted, and hated for the mission they carried out.  Israel prayed for a king against God's will but yet He allowed them to have one. It was never God's plan for man to be ruled by a king but it was God's plan to establish prophets and to speak continually to His people.  While He does speak about our future sometimes, most of prophecy is to edify and exhort us towards repentance.  The overall message of faith and repentance is timeless and applicable in all ages and cultures.

The bible says not to despise prophecy yet we see most churches refusing to allow God to speak through the mouth of a prophet in the services. God is bringing our country to repentance and it will be ushered in by the voice of God. The day of prophesying cars, houses, and boats is coming to an end. God is much more focused on our hearts returning to our first love.