How to Prophesy:

Apostle Paul urges God's people to allow the gift of prophecy in the church. Three times he urges the church to prophesy, using the strong term "earnestly desire". If we are to earnestly desire there has to be some excitement and joy in seeking the gift of prophecy. We will not get the gift from God if we have no hunger or desire for it. Paul instructs to have a desire for prophecy more than we do the gift of tongues. Tongues edifies self and prophecy edifies the church. A passive attitude, "I won't seek it, but if God wants to give it to me, it's okay with me," is contrary to the command of Scripture!  We have to hunger for it, or earnestly desire it.

Prophecy requires that the believer be sensitive to the Holy Spirit so that they will be able to receive a revelation or word of knowledge from the Lord.  This can be in the form of images, or words. Sometimes it is only one word or a few words while other times it can be many words.  When we first hear God we may only see a picture or hear one word. In order to grow in the gift the Lord will often require a person to share what they are season so that they will have confirmation from the recepient that they are indeed hearing from God.  Sometimes a person may not get a word at all but have a strong sensing that they have a word. It is in this case that God will not release the word to the person until they step out to give it and then the Holy Spirit fills their mouth with what to say.  God uses everyone differently for this gift. Not everyone is called to the office of prophet but anyone can prophesy.

It is important to have a good working relationship with your Pastor to understand when words can be and cannot be given in a service.  The Holy Spirit is always in order with Himself. We should never interrupt the Holy Spirit. There are times that you may find yourself in a church that quenches the Holy Spirit or will not allow you to speak. If that is the case you need to pray and ask God what to do next. He may tell you to stay or He may even tell you to leave to go somewhere that you can have liberty. There are times He will say stay so He can work on the Pastor's heart to accept the gift.

Usually, there is a protocol or way that prophecy should be shared in church. I remember one church where we were all trained that if we had a word we were to share it with one of the Elders in the church and then they called on the person during the service to share as the Holy Spirit instructed. Not everyone would share because some prophecies are not to be shared but to be prayed over.  Some prophecies are not corporate prophecies but meant for yourself.  Usually, it is during the Praise and Worship that the Holy Spirit begins to share words to bring forward before the preaching of the word. Be sensitive to your church protocol.

When you get a word the first thing you need to do is ask God what He wants you to do with the word. Sometimes it will feel like you are pregnant and you will be very uncomfortable unless you give the word. Even then be careful. Just because you are pregnant with the word doesn't mean you have to give birth to it in the service.  It could end up being a mess everyone has to clean up. Premature birth is always messy.

Every prophecy should be judged and should be shared in front of other people. First of all it protects you in case someone says you said something you didn't and second of all it will confirm the accuracy. Every prophet or person walking in the prophetic should be teachable.  If you cannot be corrected in love then you should not be prophesying. Without love the gifts are useless and even dangerous. A true word can only be given with the attitude of love. Jesus always ministered out of love and compassion.

Feedback should be provided to the one prophesying from the receipient and church leadership.  This will encourage the one prophesying and validate their ministry.

The gift of prophecy is a divine gift. God would not have given it unless it were important. In fact the gift of prophecy is one of the highest gifts we could desire. It is indispensable for the edification, exhortation, and comfort--for the spiritual renewal and health--of a congregation. Therefore, let us have God's attitude toward the gift. "Make love your aim, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy" (1 Cor 14:1).