After you get a prophecy:

-Don't try to make the word happen in your life. Pray over the word and ask God if it is His word for your life. If it is you will receive other prophecies confirming the word. Many people make the mistake of trying to make the prophecy come true their own way. God has a unique way that He accomplishes His will in our lives and it is not always the most obvious way. We have to let God do the work.

-Don't assume the word is untrue. Even if you don't see how a word can be God put it on a shelf and do not despise it. I have seen people say a word is not true for them and then it happens later in life. Prophecies can be for all kinds of seasons of our lives.

-Do not live on prophecy alone. You should be seeking God for yourself. Prophecy should bring confirmation to what the Lord is already telling you to do.

-Share the word with your pastor or other prophets to get their input.

-Pray over the word and speak it out loud.  If you know the word was from God pray it through to victory. Speak it out loud and proclaim God's word in your life.