The Online Prophetic Network was founded by Michael Bacon founder of Glory Tabernacle International Ministries - 120 Weather Street, Youngsville, NC,

The vision of this ministry is to equip, train, raise up and send out prophetic ministers to the nations!  The network provides monthly classes through conference calls for people wanting to learn more about the prophetic gifts and how they operate for both beginners and seasoned prophets. Additionally, we provide training to apostles and evangelists.

In addition to ongoing training each prophetic minister is invited to have their website listed on the prophetic ministries page.

If you do not have a website we offer services to build one for you at

For prophets, evangelists and apostles who are called to travel and minister at other churches we also do spotlights for each person on our recommended speaker page.

In the future we will offer licensing, and ordination to those ministries God is calling forward.

We also offer a spiritual covering and prayer for your ministry upon the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The Online Prophetic Network represents a group of prophetic, evangelistic and apostolic ministers and ministries throughout the world.   We have a common vision and desire to see the prophetic, evangelistic, and apostolic taken forth to the nations. We expect the number of Prophetic Network ministers to continue to grow as God fulfills this vision.

We welcome you to come and join our team of ministers.  Not only will you get support, prayer and training, but we also have monthly calls where we invite the public to come on a conference call where the Prophetic Network Prophets share prophetic words with people that call in from all over the world.  This has been proven a good training tool as well for those wanting to grow in their gift.